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Pharmacy furniture

The leading direction of production and development of P.P.H.U. Jerzy Cichy is the pharmacy equipment.  Our main objective is the creation of pharmacies that have functional, ergonomic, modern and friendly equipment. Each interior is analyzed individually and is tailored to the needs of the client. It does not only comprise the interior of display rooms but also the back rooms of the pharmacy. The pharmacy furniture offered by our company presents the highest quality of materials and performance. We take care of every detail considering the requirements of the pharmaceutical branch. We fulfill orders both within the country and abroad and we ensure delivery and assembly at the client’s premises with every order. 

We also offer used deep storage drawers of a very good technical condition. The drawers meet the increasing demand of pharmacies, they optimize the premises layout, they save space, they increase the storage area and they save precious time.

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P.P.H.U. Jerzy Cichy

ul. Wolska 94
98-200 Sieradz

tel. +48 43 822 14 03

tel. kom. 515 090 546
tel./fax +48 43 822 14 03

e-mail: cichy@cichy.pl

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